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One of my most successful lines as been the Treat Seeking Mat. These are homemade and are intended to give your dog enrichment. The Scent & Seek Mat is loaded with dry treats, which are then mixed in and your dog then tries and finds the treats. This is extremely good for your dogs, as it uses both the brain and nose something that all dogs need.

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    I’m absolutely THRILLED with the mat. Thank you so much. It came today but I’ve been so busy, I’ve literally only just opened the package now! Wow, you’ve thrown in a Tuggie – that is so kind and very much appreciated.

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    I love the Scent & Seek Mat and more importantly so does my collie. He spends ages seeking out and eating treats. It appears very well made and I love the colour options. I would definitely recommend this product to provide entertainment and enrichment to you dog’s life.

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