With a complete emphasis on trust based grooming, you can rest assured that whilst in my care, your dog will receive a high standard of grooming and will be treated with respect.   Whether you just want your dogs nails trimming or a full groom including bath, dry and styling, I can provide this service for you.   Please see details at the bottom on this page listing what your dog receives during a grooming session.

Prior to any grooming session, I will discuss your dogs health, temperament, any issues since the last groom, and how you would like your dog to be groomed.

I trained at Leicester Academy of Grooming, based in L.A. Spa & Groom, Evington, achieving a Diploma in Advanced Dog Grooming (Distinction).  I have received training to high professional standards in all aspects of grooming, including scissoring, clipping and hand-stripping.

As the only groomer in Leicestershire and surrounding areas that is also a Tellington TTouch Practitioner (P1) your dog will benefit from these and other trust based techniques during the groom to help him/her relax.   At no point will your dog be physically restrained and forced. I only use gentle restrains using a collar and stomach support to prevent any dogs jumping from the table during the groom.  If the dog wishes to lie down (see Barney below) restraints will be unclipped from the H Bar and I will hold the other end in my hand.

I usually have one of my miniature poodles in the salon during grooms, but she is extremely well behaved and spend most of the time in their crate asleep.  I find that most dogs being groomed find comfort from the Chic being there.  However, I am more than happy to remove her from the cabin if you wish or your dog doesn’t like other dogs around.

I encourage owners to bring a piece of bedding, soft toy or something with a familiar smell on it to the grooming session, as this helps dogs to feel a little happier about being left.


Barney relaxing during his handstrip session after receiving Tellington TTouch to calm him down
Barney relaxing during his handstrip session after receiving Tellington TTouch to calm him down. Previously, Barney was very anxious and would not tolerate scissors or clippers near him


Collection and return service is available but may incur additional costs.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, would like to receive a quotation, or book an appointment on 07949 824491.  Alternatively, send me a message via the Contact form on the Contact page.



Full Groom – includes bath, dry, nails, paw pads cleared of fur, hygiene areas tidied, coat clipped, handstripped or scissored into preferred style.  Prices start at £32 for a small dog (ie: Shih Tzu), £38 for a medium dog (eg. cocker spaniel) and £50 for a large dog (eg. labradoodle).  Handstripping is on average £15 more than a clip off.

Basic Groom –  includes bath, dry, nails and paw pads clears of fur and hygiene areas tidied and coat brushed out.“  Prices start at £20 for a small dog (ie. jack Russell),  £25 for a medium dog (eg. Staffordshire Bull Terrier) and £35 for a large dog (ie: Labrador).

Please note that these are starting prices, actual price will depend on the length and condition of coat and the actual size of the dog (not all dogs are breed standard size).  You will be given an estimate at the time of booking and confirmation of the price of the first groom when you bring you dog to be groomed.   Future grooms may cost more depending on how your dog behaves during the first grooming session, but this will be fully discussed following the first grooming session.

The cost of the groom reflects the intensive grooming training undertaken (practical and theory), the standard of my grooms, and the high qualify of the tools and products I use.


Puppy Familiarisation:

Getting a puppy used to a grooming salon is one of the essential socialisation experiences.  Therefore, I offer a one-off free familiarisation session, which will include a gentle bath, dry, nails, lots of fuss and Tellington TTouch.  This session will enable me to give you suggestions of how to move forward with regular grooming sessions.

These packaged are highly recommended for all puppies. The younger a dog is familiarised with grooming the easier it will be in the future for both yourself to keep your dog brushed in between grooms and for your dog and myself during full grooms


Subsequent grooming sessions costs are as follows:

3 – 6 months            60% of adult grooming cost

7 – 9 months             80% of adult grooming cost

10 months                100% adult grooming cost

If your puppy is not happy being groomed, I will be happy to work with you to help your puppy get used to being groomed, both in the salon and in the home.  Costs are based on an individual basis.

Familiarisation sessions are also available for fully grown dogs who have had a bad experience elsewhere, or has never been good at being groomed. Prices available on request via contact form.



Payment can be made via Cash or Credit Card on the day or Bank transfer by prior arrangement.


Member of the British Groomers Association.


For more“ information,“ view the Terms and Conditions below.

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  • Physical check“ -may detect lumps, bumps, fleas, ticks, grass seeds, etc
  • Bath – This includes two shampoos only using the best quality shampoos on the market suitable for your dogs coat.  On the second shampoo your dog will receive relaxing Tellington TTouch training technique strokes.
  • Dry – Your dog will be thoroughly dried off using blaster and/or pet specific dryer.  Special drying techniques will be used to enable a good preparation of the dogs coat if scissoring or clipping is required.  If your dog is not happy with the dryer, I will use a happy hoody to muffle the noise, and/or use a low setting on the dry as well as a fixed nozzle so I have hands free to reassure your dog.
  • Brush Out – A specialist brush or comb will be used on the coat to thoroughly remove knots and remove surplus/dead hair.
  • Styling (where applicable) – Using the best clippers and scissors on the market, your dogs coat will be clipped and/or scissored, or handstripped in the required style.  This does not have to be breed standard, I am more than happy to do as requested as long as it is not detrimental to the dog.
  • Hygiene areas – removal of fur surrounding the anus and genitalia, and armpits on both front and back legs.
  • Nail –  nails will be clipped as appropriate.
  • Paw pads – The fur on the underneath of the paws will be clipped out using trimmers specific for the job.
  • Bandana/Bow – the groom will be finished off with the additional of a bandana, bow or feathers.

Grooming can take anything between 1 hour for a short haired breed (eg. staffie) to 3 hours for a long haired breed or handstrip.

In addition to the above grooming aspects, your dog will receive my full attention whilst in my care, and will not be left unsupervised (in a crate for example) for any period more than 5 minutes.  It will NEVER be left unsupervised on the grooming table or in the bath.

Most dogs also enjoy a  fuss during grooming, and where possible I try to work around the dog in its preferred position (I have been known to groom a greyhound with both of us sitting on the floor).  My priority is the dogs comfort.  Force will not be used at any point.  If I am unable to do any part of the groom, I will discuss with you when you collect your dog.