I provide a range of handmade tuggies suitable for all size dogs (and cats). I make all tuggies to your personal specification, including size and colour, handle, extra long, etc.

Starting prices for each size: small £2.50, medium £4, large £6, extra large £8. These prices are for standard tuggies with knot at each end. If you want anything other than non-standard, eg. Extra long, split, handle, slip lead, clip lead,  extra tassles price available on request. I also make the 6 strand plaited tuggies and leads – price available on request via the contact page

Slip leads and clip leads can also be purchased to your own length and colours.

The tuggies are made from high quality fleece.

As an example, this tassle tuggy is £10.

Treat Seeking Mats

Treat Seeking Mats are an excellent enrichment tool to work your dogs nose and brain. Throw dry treats into the mat, mix them up so they fall between the fleece strips and let your dog seek them out.

Price Size of Mat (base) 1st Class Standard 2nd Class Standard 1st Class Signed For 2nd Class Signed For
Tiny £12 18 x 18 cm £4.20 £3.70 £5.30 £4.80
Small £14 22 x 22 cm £4.20 £3.70 £5.30 £4.80
Medium £18 26 x 26 cm £6.65 £3.70 £7.75 £6.00
Large £22 30 x 30 cm £6.65 £5.90 £7.75 £6.00
X Large £25 34 x 34 cm £7.00 £6.20 £8.05 £6.30

How to Order

If you would like to purchase either a tuggy, lead or a Treat seeking mat, please provide details via the contact page and I will advise on price and post & package options.

Colours currently available:
Black, White, Yellow, Royal Blue, Bottle Green, Grass Green, Turquoise, Lime, Orange, Terracotta, Brown, Beige, Red, Lilac, Purple, Burgundy, Baby Pink, Hot Pink & Dark Grey.