Tellington TTouch Training© (and other Trust Based Techniques) Workshop for Groomers

This one day workshop will teach you a number of techniques to help to build a more trusting relationship with dogs during grooms, leading to a calmer dog and groomer. 

  • calming signals
  • trigger stacking and how to reduce the effects,
  • why dogs react to triggers in the way they do (autonomous nervous system)
  • Observations
  • background of Tellington TTouch Training(*) and number of TTouches,
  • other trust based techniques
  • What the owner can do to help
  • Further study options

The workshops I organise are held in Leicestershire which are promoted on Facebook or you can email me to be added to the mailing list:

*Tellington TTouch is a very gentle technique which recognises the link between posture, physical and mental wellbeing and behaviour.   

If you wish to host a workshop in your salon or other venue, please do not hesitate to contact me for further information.

I am a qualified Tellington TTouch Practitioner and a member of the Guild.  I also hold a Diploma in Dog Grooming.


Workshop Dates/Locations/Booking information

Date Location Booking Details
Sunday 25th Novtember 2018 Narborough Scout Hut, Leicestershire Sue Williamson 07949 824491 or email or via facebook


If you would like to host a workshop in your area, please contact me.  It doesn’t need to be held in a salon, and you don’t have to have dogs present, so Village Halls are usually a good option.

Grooming Referrals or Consultancy

As well as running workshops, I also take on dog referrals or consultancy work.  If you have a difficult dog that you feel would be better being groomed by an experienced TTouch Practitioner Dog Groomer then please do not hesitate to refer the client to me.

I understand that you may want to keep the client longer term, in which case I can work with you and the client on a consultancy basis to put a plan in place to help the dog.  This option may be better for those who live a distance from Leicestershire.  Please contact me with details of fees, etc.

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