Ellen Ward Lindley

Jack has found grooming very difficult in the past so we’ve come to Sue who is happy to work as slowly as Jack needs. We are making progress. Because of Jack’s issues we are having to go at a snail’s pace but Sue has been so patient with both myself and Jack and he’s starting to learn to trust her, which is very exciting for me to see.

Katie Jade

Sue has groomed both of my dogs and done a wonderful job, not only do they look beautiful but they aren’t stressed out afterwards. I believe Sue cares about the dogs and has their best interest at heart, this is why I will keep using Happy Paws.

Mary Mac

Filbert was terrified of the hair drier and would not let us brush him. His first visit was this evening and Sue managed to brush Filbert and by the end of the session, he was close to the drier and pretty settled which is huge in comparison to where he started. Sue also was extremely patient, we had to cancel two appointments as Filbert had injured his leg and not once was this an issue despite quite last minute cancellations. I cannot wait for Filbert to go back again! He looked so handsome with his bandana when finished.