This one day workshop will help you get to know your dog in more detail using Free Work. Free Work gifts dogs and guardians the opportunity to relax by removing any expectations. By allowing our dogs to work freely at their own pace through this activity, guardians are able to observe their dog in more detail, with observations from other workshop attendees, and as a result learn more about their dog and what their dog finds rewarding, and more difficult. This information can then be used in to improve day to day living.

Other ACE techniques such as the bucket game and counting game will also be included, along with some Tellington TTouch Training Bodywork where appropriate.

Dogs are welcome but must be comfortable about other dogs and people, and there may be times when they will need to be in a crate or car whilst other dogs are working.

Some dog behaviour knowledge is beneficial but this can be provided in written format prior to the session on request (Calming signals and Trigger Stacking).

Suitable for dog guardians and professionals.

16 ACE credits for handlers. Handler places limited to 5.

Refreshments are provided but please bring your own lunch

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£75 including refreshments – bring own lunch

  • 23/02/2020
  • Littlethorpe Scout Hub, Narborough
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